Young Russian girls

Young Russian girls

Questions of the lifestyle and ambitions of young Russian girls are asked very frequently. Probably it is so, as Russian ladies remain a mystery to the most of the world. In this article we will try to answer the questions of what it feels like to be a young Russian woman, what she dreams of and what this young Russian girl aims for.

What is feels like to be a young Russian girl

Well, first of all being a young Russian girl is different from being a young European or an American lady. American women live in close houses and prefer to stay in their own small world. Slavic girls live in apartment blocks which means they are closer to the people around them and may learn to cooperate with the society they often want to run away from.

The other thing worth mentioning is that being a Russian girl means being extremely insecure and always looking up to someone who can take care of you. Being raised in the society with patriarchal worldview, the younger the Russian girl is, the more care, love and support she needs to make her way in the life. This is absolutely different from what the Western culture women look like.

Aiming to be different

A desire of East-European girls to be different and unique can be explained with their historical background. Their parents were raised in the Soviet Union where everyone was equal and the same.

Being unique was somewhat provoking and would be not be approved of by the people around them and sometimes even by authorities. This led to a few generations raised in the atmosphere where everyone was supposed to be the same, absolutely identical to the Soviet ideal.

Due to such education parents of young Russian ladies are still learning how to let them be unique personalities and not make them be what they do not want to be. Consequently, being different is crucial for a Slavic girl as an attempt to be a personality.

Constant need of attention

Russian girls as any other ones strive to be loved and cared for. They have come up with a few ways of how to get such attention. They try to always look flawless and do not leave their house without their makeup on.

Moreover, the ladies tend to dress up according to the last trends. The ladies are willing to look just like all those icons of style look like.

Finally, they post the pictures of themselves online so that other people will give them “likes” and comment on how beautiful they look like. That is what it feels to be a young Russian girl! It, surely, is deeper than this with numerous hidden aspirations and motives. But that is how a young Russian girl looks like to a stranger.

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