Russian women photos

Russian women photos

Era of selfies

Slavic women are known for their grown love to taking pictures. They either take them themselves as a selfie or choose a professional photographer for it. And even though Slavic women are extremely beautiful, scientists decided to look into the motives behind this obsession.

As it turns out almost every woman will take at least a few images while putting on her make-up, then a few more while going down in a n elevator, and then three more images when getting into her car. Why are they so obsessed with the way they look?

Psychological background

The scientists have conducted a series of experiments that showed that women do not really know how the society sees them. What I mean is that if a Slavic woman is given a set of her photos with only one original and ten altered ones where she looks either better or worse, she would not notice where the original photograph is.

This proved that East-European ladies just like any other ones do not realize how people around them perceive them.

Taking selfies or looking at any other photos of themselves for Slavic girls became a hobby and an attempt to see themselves realistically.

Another study has shown that Slavic women were not able to repeat a facial expression. For instance, when an East-European lady was given an image of herself and asked to repeat it, she was not able to do that without looking at herself in the mirror.

This shows that beautiful Russian women are sometimes unaware of the way they look like to the people around them.

Real self-image

What will you see on the photo of a Russian woman? You will see a beautiful lady well-taken care of but often very shy. Photos of Russian girls are usually much more open and attractive in the view of the fact that they had more opportunities to take selfies or see themselves on professional images which made them more confident.

When you look at a photo of a professional photographer, you see a flawless beautiful lady, with no pimples ladies hate so much or wayward hair that was perfectly set by a him. Thus, beautiful Russian women do not have a sense of a real self-image, so they tend to take more photos in order to see how they look like in the eyes of their beloved ones or just random passersby.

Nevertheless, Russian women are known to be beautiful both on photos and in real life. Just check out the images we chose for you to see that. You can also find numerous images of Russian girls online, as in the view of their beauty photographers frequently offer them a photoset. What is nteresting is that “photos of Russian women” is one of the most popular searches in the Google search engine which only shows that their beauty is known far beyond Russia.