Popular Russian girl names and their meaning

Popular Russian girl names and their meaning

If you’ve decided to date a lady, you should learn more about these women and explore their character traits and habits.

Any name also has an influence on the overall character and human spirit. You will learn more about your future beloved if you find out more information about her. We offer you the most popular Russian girl names and their meaning. These common Russian girl names tell us some facts about woman’s emotional state and nature.

The latest researches prove that name can affect a human social behavior. Some pretty Russian girl names can attract men even before they have met a lady. They can emit passion and sensuality or voice a facile nature and modesty. It is not surprising that people always believed that human names and destiny were connected. Probably, some popular Russian girl names that have an ancient origin also exert an influence on the behavior, preferences and acts of their owners.

So here are Russian girl names and meanings that will help you to understand better their soul and spirit.

Ancient names

There are many women in Russia that were named after their grandmothers and great grandmas. These ladies usually live in villages and small towns. They are devoted wives and heedful mothers. These women prefer conventional way of living and Orthodox traditions. Here are some of them: Afanasia, Aglaia, Varvara, Claudia, Raisa, Ulyana, Fedosya.

Cute Russian girl names

It is a well-known fact that women are very sensual and feminine. They act like true ladies and know how to impress a man. There is a chance that a name also ensures this attractiveness and charisma. If you browse plenty of Slavic women profiles, they can draw your attention because they sound captivating and charming. So you can’t resist the temptation to learn more about this lady and meet her in real life. Let’s read some examples of such names: Alyona, Anastasia, Veronika, Liliya, Eleonora, Julia, Margarita, Polina, Martha.

Cool Russian girl names

Like any other thing, names also have some tendencies and popularity. Some can be more popular than others in some time periods. Parents give the most fashionable and trendy names to their daughters with the hope to make their little girls alluring and attractive for men in future. If you look for your soulmate in Russia, you can meet a lady with one of these top Russian girl names: Anna, Daria, Elena, Ekaterina, Maria, Oksana, Sophia, Tatyana.

Of course, when you want to meet a faithful, beautiful and smart woman, no matter what is her name. East-European ladies attract so many men from different countries around the Globe because they are feminine, intelligent and straightforward. But any name also affects the human character and behavior. You may choose the best Russian girl names in your opinion and find out plenty of interesting facts about your future beloved woman even if you haven’t met her yet.