Beautiful Russian mail-order bride

Beautiful Russian mail-order bride

Historical background

Phenomenon of Russian mail-order brides first emerged in the 20th century. It was then that Russian bride became willing to get married to a man from a wealthier state than her own. These women were listed on a special list and their “profiles” were shown to the potential husbands.

Among these mail-order brides there were not only Russian girls but also those from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. The phenomenon of a mail-order husband was also sometimes present there, but less frequently.

Situation today

Today this practice still exists; though beautiful Russian mail-order brides are now listed in special international marriage agencies. In these agencies, women leave personal information about them in order for a potential husband to find them and start a conversation.

The information Russian mail-order brides leave concerns on their social background, preferences, dreams, aspiration and a set of beautiful pictures. As a rule, men from the West text them, try to learn about them. If in the end, they both like each other they decide to meet in person.

As a rule such agencies offer a service of a personal interpreter who follows the couple in case their English is not fluent enough to be able to communicate.

Motivation for such a search

What triggers people start such a search for a wife or a husband? Beautiful Slavic ladies are looking for an opportunity to start a family. They might not have men around them that seem to be secure enough and responsible.

Slavic women are also looking for a man who is ready to provide for a family. She does not want to live in a need or to worry about her children’s future, willing to only focus on their present-day education. East-European women are very family-oriented. It is hard to take good care of a husband and children if you have to work to support the family.

Russian mail-order brides are absolutely legit. These businesses are started with a thought of creating strong families based on important common values, that is when the communication through the Internet can be of great use: you do not get distracted by each other’s appearances and can focus on the personalities’ qualities and core values.

Foreign men should be very careful when communicating with a Russian mail-order bride: she does not want to feel as if he is merely messing with her around having no serious intentions. Russian mail-order brides are real people, and they want to be appreciated and respected. The fact that they registered in such a service only shows that they are very attentive when choosing a companion for life. It does not mean that they are desperate and will waste their time on men who are not aware of how to treat a woman with respect.

So when registering for an international marriage agency, make sure to do that for a right purpose and good luck in your searches!